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Fillers Specialist

Rhiannon Newsom, FNP-C -  - Aesthetic Specialist

Rhiannon Newsom, FNP-C

Aesthetic Specialist located in Lubbock, TX

For a practitioner with extensive experience in applying dermal fillers to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of men and women, consult with Rhiannon Newsom, FNP-C located in the Medical District of Lubbock, Texas. Well-versed in the latest procedures and products, Rhiannon is an expert in selecting and administering dermal filler treatments that offer patients the most naturally attractive outcomes. Call the office or book online to learn how you can look more youthful with dermal fillers.

Fillers Q & A

What are dermal fillers?

Fillers, also called injectables or sometimes a liquid facelift when combined with Botox®, are biocompatible substances, usually in gel form, that are injected into the skin to plump up fine lines, wrinkles, and recessed scars. They boost your body’s production of collagen and may add natural substances, such as hyaluronic acid, to plump your skin and fill in hollowed areas or lines and wrinkles. 

Fillers are used to enhance features, such as filling out lips, or adding volume to cheeks and shallow facial contours. There are also fillers specifically designed for injection into the hands to help mask protruding and unsightly veins while reducing the signs of aging.

How long do the benefits of fillers last?

Because most injectable fillers are biocompatible, they are eventually absorbed by the body. Results vary depending on the patient’s body chemistry, habits and the type of injectable used. Generally, though, results are enjoyed between a few months up to a couple of years.

What are the most popular injectable fillers?

Different fillers work best on particular facial features, flaws, and patients. Rhiannon uses her extensive experience to advise patients on the best choice for their specific issue. 

Often, various types of fillers are used simultaneously in different areas of the face. Among the most commonly used products by Rhiannon are:

  • Juvederm®
  • Restylane®
  • Voluma®

What does the process of getting fillers entail?

Rhiannon assesses your skin and discusses your aesthetic goals to determine the best choice for you. She marks strategic points on the face to use as guides for the injection sites. She cleans the sites with an antibacterial agent. 

Some patients elect to have a topical numbing cream applied before the treatment, although many fillers already contain an anesthetic. The injections take only a few seconds per site. Once complete, Rhiannon washes the guide marks off, and patients receive ice packs to reduce any minor and temporary bruising. You can go right back to all your regular activities after treatment.

To learn how dermal fillers can enhance your look and restore a youthful appearance, call the practice of Rhiannon Newsom, FNP-C, or book online.